Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GED is the First Step for Latest Grad

"Doors were shutting in my face..." 

Troy Knight heard about Academy of Hope's GED program from a friend. He decided it was time to return to school while in the middle of an unsuccessful job-search, after learning that he would need a high-school credential to qualify for most apprenticeship programs. “Doors were shutting in my face…” he says.

“Oh, definitely…” Troy replies, when asked if any challenges outside of school had ever made progress difficult. “Personal issues,” and shifting employment and living arrangements all had to be overcome. He says that passing the test in the face of these challenges took much determination, and he gives credit to supportive family members and friends for helping along the way. Troy adds that Academy of Hope staff helped him stay persistent. He chuckles, recalling the many prodding phone calls made by staff-member Jessie Stadd (pictured above on right), urging him to apply for a D.C. ID, sign up for a test date, and get plenty of rest.

Now that he has passed the test Troy’s focus is on his next move, “I want to take it as far as I can take it,” he says, “the GED is a necessity for me, and now that I have it I’m planning on going to college.”

Troy (above-left) is the 16th Academy of Hope student to receive a high-school credential this year.  For more stories and insights follow our "Push for 40" graduates.  

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