Monday, August 23, 2010

Ward 8 Students Share Stories at Defeat Poverty DC

Two students from AoH's Ward 8 site recently shared their stories at Defeat Poverty DC, a coalition of organizations that working, "to bring greater focus during the 2010 election season and beyond to the damaging effects of poverty: [in Washington, D.C.]

Both choose to contribute short essays about their struggles with affordable housing and homelessness:
"During a very difficult time in my life, I applied for emergency housing. At that time I was a single mother of five." -V. Moore, Ward 8 Student  (From Homless to a Home: My Story)
"The shelter system was set up with education, clothes and responsible guidelines. Employment training helped me to learn how to keep a job. The clothing provided to me helped me to know how to dress for an interview. " -N. Gee Miles, Ward 8 Student (Poverty Through My Eyes: Affordable Housing)