Monday, October 24, 2011

Academy of Hope mentioned in McCartney's Washington Post column

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney suggests billionaire philanthropist could start with an investment in Academy of Hope to help bring long-term solution to DC poverty.

Robert McCartney, Washington Post columnist and radio/TV commentator, has been investigating and writing about how the billionaire Bill Conway can put $1 billion to help the area's poorest residents.  Bill Conway is a local area businessman who is looking for a way to make a big, long-term impact and has asked the public for ideas on how to help the DC community. 

The Washington Post columnist has been corresponding with Mr. Conway and has done some of his own research.  Mr. McCartney spoke with Academy of Hope's Executive Director, Ms. Lecester Johnson, just recently after he received various positive comments about Academy of Hope and our work.  Mr. McCartney writes in his Sunday column about his conclusion after weeks of research and interviews on how to start tackling the chronic problem of poverty that too many DC residents face.

He says, "The sorry that a sizable number of people in our region - at least 50,000 in the District - are so poorly educated that they're effectively unemployable."  Find out what he suggests and how Academy of Hope fits into that long-term solution plan.

"Here's my idea for philanthropist to help poor find jobs"
by Robert McCartney (Published in The Washington Post on October 22, 2011)

Thank you Mr. McCartney for your thoughtful comments!

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