Friday, December 4, 2009

AoH in Global Giving Open Challange

AOH is currently participating in the Global Giving Global Open Challenge.  We only have until December  21st to raise our target of $6,600! 

By reaching this goal we will guarantee much-needed assistance to low-income students as they work hard through the winter term.  Money from this project goes directly to GED books, testing fees, and transportation help to all students in need for this term.

This is a great chance to be directly involved in supporting adult learners; spreading the word about AoH and helping us win up to $6,000 in additional award money.  If we raise at least $4,000 Academy of Hope will be eligible for future projects with matching funds.

Here are some simple steps you can take to get the word out about the desperate need for programs like AoH:
  1. A $10 donation is all it takes.  Even a small donation will let others know that this is an issue worth caring about.
  2. Spread the word in person and through email. 
  3. Help expand our online network!  Post a link to our Global Giving site on Facebook or Twitter.  
  4. Share with your friends one reason why Adult Education matters to you.

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